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Jaewon Choi is a humanist/street photographer from Seoul, Korea, based in Toronto, ON, Canada. His passion for photography is deep rooted in his interest in art, cinema, and journalism. While pursuing his journalism major, he was introduced to the world of photojournalism, igniting his passion for photography.

With his trusted 35mm film cameras, Jaewon captures the inherent beauty found in the ordinary. His lens is finely attuned to the nuances of everyday life, the serene landscapes of nature, and the intriguing interplay of light and form, both natural and man-made. Working exclusively with black and white film, he endeavors to capture the timeless essence of his subjects through carefully built compositions.

But why film? As a humanist/street photographer, Jaewon's artistic pursuit is to encapsulate fleeting everyday moments with sincerity and authenticity. He firmly believes that analog photography is the only antidote and remains an essential sanctuary for genuine artistic expression in the era of AI where technology blurs the lines between reality and simulation to the degree that people can no more distinguish real photographs from AI-generated images. By preserving the genuine and physical qualities unique to film, Jaewon strives to offer his audiences a truly authentic and immersive photographic experience.


Email: j1theuser@gmail.com



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